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If you have noticed that your strings have started to sound dull, or your bass guitar’s tuning is starting to slip more often, or your intonation isn’t quite as accurate as it used to be, then it’s usually time to change your strings. Need your bass guitar restringing and don't want to do this yourself?


We can help! Simply come by our store with your instrument during our opening hours to purchase the service. 


String costs NOT included with this service.

Strings will charged separately when you arrive in store unless already purchased online with your order. (Click collect in store to save on the postage)


(Full Set)


Our in-store service includes:

1. Advisory chat

We’ll discuss the use and application of your instrument to help us better understand the best kind of string to use for you. Alternatively, if you know exactly what you want then just let us know and we can skip this stage.


2. Structural Assessment

We’ll take this opportunity to check over your instrument for any obvious issues that may cause difficulty in properly maintaining full functionality of your bass guitar and advise as needed.


3. Fingerboard cleaned and conditioned

All grime and dirt removed thoroughly. fingerboards are then cleaned and rehydrated using lemon oil or polish. (depending on the wood)


4. Restring and tune

We’ll restring your bass guitar using your chosen brand of string, stretch the strings in for you to help them bed in quickly and then tune the instrument to the correct pitch, ensuring your instrument sounds bright, fresh and new.


5. Polish

Full instrument wipe down and clean up using high quality guitar polish.