Classical strings (also known as nylon strung guitars) are available at AH Music Grantham from brands like Rotosound & Augustine. We stock both ball-end & tie-on strings in various different tensions. 

What tension classical guitars strings (nylon guitar strings) do I need?

While classical guitar strings are sold in sets with specified gauges, they are also marketed according to each set’s tension ratings. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut standard for these ratings, so a certain amount of experimentation among different string brands may be necessary to find what works for you. Complicating matters further, some packaged string sets mix and match tensions among the strings while only listing a single tension designation on the package. Here are the more common designations and their characteristics: Low Tension (also sometimes called Moderate or Light Tension)

  • Easier fretting, especially on guitars with a higher action
  • Less volume and projection
  • Less pronounced attack with more note “body”
  • Best for smooth legato techniques
  • Greater tendency to cause buzzing on frets
Normal Tension (also sometimes called Medium Tension)
  • Usually strikes a balance between the characteristics of Low and High Tension strings
High Tension (also sometimes called Hard or Strong Tension)
  • More difficult fretting, especially on guitars with high action
  • More volume and projection
  • More pronounced attack with less note “body”
  • Best for strong rhythmic playing
  • May cause issues with necks, bridges, and top bracing on fragile instruments

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