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What is a Electric Guitar?

An electric guitar is a stringed instrument which is similar in appearance and build to an bass guitar, except it has six to eight strings (most commonly six), a shorter neck & scale length. It is typically played using fingers, thumb or by plucking, strumming, tapping, picking with a plectrum. An electric guitar is normally an octave higher than the bass guitar with its strings pitched to E, A, D, G, B and E.

What to consider when buying an electric guitar for a beginner?

There are a few main things to consider when buying a electric guitar for a beginner.

  • You should purchase the best electric guitar that you can afford. The better the instrument, the easier it will be to learn on.
  • Always begin on a 6 -string guitar and if you are smaller, try out a 3/4 size guitar.
  • Select a guitar which appeals to you - It won't change the sound but it may motivate you to pick it up and play it more often.

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