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We're the sole UK Dealer for GOKKO. Designed in Italy and manufactured in China under Italian management for a better product.


What GOKKO Say


"Music is our passion since 1983, products are designed in Italy and manufactured in China under Italian management, we have experience in the design and manufacture of electronic products that have allowed us to provide the very best options for you as a player.    


The vision of Gokko is to design and produce the best electronics musical instruments possible. We care about the quality and we control the craftsmanship to have the best products, our attention to detail, our ears for tone, and our love for music, are all evident in everything we produce. We’re a small company and we’d like to stay that way.


We do this because we want to create gear that is fun to design and fun to play. We want to experiment and try new things. We like to use great components for powerful sound and made a great sound, we want to make the customer happy. We want you to be inspired to create amazing music. Gokko Audio accessories are the people, a tight-knit team of people focused on building the very best accessories and satisfying the most discriminating players. In the end, it’s all about the journey of creating, not the destination."

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