Powerful, clear sound - wherever you are

Practicing should be all about concentrating on your music. You don’t want to mess around with setting up a big, difficult-to-use amp, especially if you’re just starting to learn. This is the solution. The Blackstar Debut is extremely compact, meaning getting it out and using it anywhere is completely easy and hassle-free. And the best bit? You still get great sound quality. The three inch Blackstar speakers are high fidelity, communicating everything you play perfectly. Experience flawless sound in a unit small enough to tuck away in your bedroom, living room, or even your suitcase.


The power of choice

Never has there been such a wealth of tonal options in an amp this compact. But Blackstar have got a reputation for doing things differently, so they've loaded plenty of features for you to play with into this pocket rocket. And they’re easy to use. Two standard amp channels - clean and overdrive are joined by a tape echo effect and Blackstar’s patented "Infinite Shape Feature" (ISP). You’ll be able to change, bend, and morph your guitar's voice endlessly. Never get tired of playing, experimenting, and altering your tone.


So much more than a simple amp

Ready to kick back? Put your guitar away and get some tunes on. The Blackstar Debut comes with an MP3/Line-In. This means you can attach your device and play music through its high-clarity speaker or even keep your guitar plugged in and play along. However you use it, you'll hear the songs being played with maximum fidelity. But that’s not all. It also serves all your recording needs thanks to an emulated line-out, you can connect the amp to your favourite recording software and lay down tracks quickly and without difficulty. So wherever and whenever inspiration hits you, you'll be able to record your ideas with ease.



  • Model Name: Blackstar Debut 10E 2x3" Mini Amp
  • Model Code: BA198010-H
  • Colour: Vintage Cream and Ox-Blood
  • Power (RMS): 10 Watt
  • Speaker Size: 2x 3"
  • No. of Channels: 2
  • Inputs: 1 Standard, 1 MP3/Line-In
  • Outputs: Speaker Emulated Output, Headphones
  • Controls: Gain, Overdrive, Volume, Tone, Infinite Shape Feature, Delay Level, Delay Time

Blackstar Debut 10E Electric Guitar Amplifier

  • Key Features

    • Includes 6 Enhanced Blackstar Voices with New Envelope Effect
    • Patented ISF Control Takes you from British to American Sounds 
    • 13 Vintage Style Effects in Massive Super Wide Stereo
    • USB Audio For Pro Recording & Stereo MP3/Line In For Jamming

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