The Fly 3, from renowned Amplifier kings Blackstar is the newest Mini Guitar Amp on the scene, and its three watts, two channels and tape delay effect make it one of the best-sounding and coolest-looking little Amps around.


With a clean and overdrive channel, this Mini Guitar Amp will get you that smooth, clean tone for rhythms and a more rocking crunch for when you need something extra. Despite being 'mini' by name, the sound and tone that this thing outputs is something to behold, this is no toy, it's a serious amplifier made by one of the best manufacturers out there.


The patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) allows you to change the sound of your Fly 3 with ease, producing an almost endless number of versatile tones, ranging from anything from boosted highs to booming lows. With a tape delay effect to boot, your sound will be able to resonate as you play, letting you explore new tonal possibilities.


Not only this, but the Fly 3 Mini Guitar Amp features an MP3/Line In jack, so you can connect your MP3 player, phone or any device to it to use as a great portable speaker. The emulated output jack also lets you use headphones for when the neighbours are trying to sleep but you've got a fantastic song brewing!


For a feature-laden Mini Guitar Amp whose sound is beefier than it looks, don't look any further than the Blackstar Fly 3.


The Fly 3 can either be powered by batteries or you can purchase the PSU Power Supply separately.

Blackstar Fly-3 Mini Black Electric Guitar Amplifier

  • Key Features

    • 3-Watt Compact Battery Powered Practice Amplifier
    • 2 Channels for Clean & Overdrive Sounds
    • Digital Tape Delay Effect for Ambient Sound
    • Emulated Line-out for Silent Practice or Recording
    • Battery or DC Powered

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