These tap tempo pedals are hand made in England. It's made from quality parts, Eddiestone Enclosure, Neutrik NTS229 Socket and uses a standard SPST momentary switch (None latching). It's extremely compact and very lightweight. It's recommended to use Velcro as it will hold the pedal still on a pedal board.


It was designed to be used as a tap tempo for with Marshall’s EH-1 Echo Head. It's normally open so it won't work on Boss or Strymon pedals.





 Hand Made

 Ruggedly built, road-ready construction

 Eddiestone enclosure

 Neutrik NYS229 mono socket





 Simply run a mono instrument or patch cable from your pedal’s external switch jack to the tap tempo INPUT jack.

 Tap your foot on the FOOTSWITCH to your desired tempo.





 The AH Music TAPTEM requires no battery or power supply.

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